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Castle of a Hundred Square Pixels
4th-Jun-2012 10:43 am - [sticky post] Player profiles

Information about our adventurers! Don't forget to track your own profile, we'll communicate with you through it.

Members can edit their name tag, contact info (graphics community, tumblr, twitter), fandoms and blurb. The rest is up to the mod. If you want to change anything, it can be done by leaving a comment with the information in your profile post, and the mod will edit the post accordingly. Please include a textarea box with coding for any edits with more than 2 images.

Throughout the entire Chronicle you can pimp theiconquest, earning 2pts per pimp with a 4pt bonus if 3 pimps are made, for a maximum of 10pts. Once you've earned any/all of your points, please state what class(es) you would like to allot your points towards (i.e. all towards Magic, or halfsies, etc.).

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The Icon Quest
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